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   Kathleen Rehner is a French-American artist living in Lexington, KY.  She has always enjoyed art as a means of communicating to people of all cultures, as she has lived overseas for the majority of her life. She has lived in France, the Netherlands, Finland, and South Korea.  After graduating from Asbury University with an Art Education Degree, she taught High School Art for several years.​  Kathleen is now married and has three daughters.  Currently, she is exploring Digital Art and the avenues it presents, as she pursues illustrating for children's books. 


Kathleen enjoys a variety of art styles, mediums, and subjects, but is especially passionate about people and portraying their individual beauty. She always welcomes commissions of any kind.  Whether it be portraits either from life or pictures, as well as more abstract and inventive pieces, Kathleen is comfortable working in a multitude of mediums. 


For business inquiries please use contact information below.  

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Tel: (614) 558-5595


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